Creating your own content on Jrk-It might seem a bit confusing at first. First and formost, trying other peoples games and content will give you some idea of what to expect when trying to use the creation tools.

This page will give you some idea of how Jrk-It games work and thier components. Shout out to other comunity members if you are still struggling to create the game you want.

1. A simple Jrk-It Game

A simple Jrk-It game consits of a collection of "Loops" of various types, these can be shared and used by multiple users.


Stage 1

One start loop is chosen randomly from the games 'loop pool' to kick off the game.

Stage 2

The game plays mainly Stroke loops chosen at random (the game will try to avoid loop repetition where it can).
A varient can play instead of a Stroke loop based on the % chance set by the "Varient Slider":
Which varient is chosen is based on the chances set in the next game setting slider:
Edge and Ruined varients can be capped to prevent them occuring more than you want.

Stage 3

The game time is randomly selected between the 2 numberes entered into the game time select option:
Once the game time has elapsed, Jrk-It will choose one of 3 game endings based on the % chances set with the game ending sliders.

Finaly the game will choose one ending of the chosen type from all the endings in the game's loop pool.

If any loop types are missing from the game's loop pool, Jrk-It will fall back to default options.

2. The Loop Types

3. The Pause Loops

4. Punishments

5. The Question / Option Trigger

6. Advanced Loop Types

Chained Loops

Loop Variables

7. Regimes